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Our Gymnastics Teams


2012 Mens PA State Champions-Jonathan Tang(Level 10) and

Matthew Coombs(Level 5)

2012 PA State Team Members - Dominic DiPietro and Matthew Coombs

2012  Womens 4th place AA Region 7 - Kianna Yancey (Level 8)

2011 Womens PA State Champion - Paige Burrell (Level 7)

2011 Mens PA State Champion- Dominic Dipietro (Level 5)

Girls and Boys Competitive Teams

  • Developmental /Mini Pre-Team (3 hours a week)
  • Compulsory Levels 4 (6-10 hours per week)
  • Compulsory Level 5 (12 hours a week)
  • Compulsory Level 6 (16 hours per week)
  • Optional Levels 7-10 (16-22 hours per week)

The decision to enter competitive gymnastics is an important and exciting step in the life of your child!

You are to be congratulated because you are taking the time to think through the consequences of team membership. Many parents are so thrilled when their child is invited to be on the team that they do not take the time to assess what the consequences will be on the rest of their lives. Please take into consideration that sometimes, travel is required for competition. And Events may take place in another state in upper level gymnastics.

We believe that gymnastics is the greatest overall body conditioning activity in which your child could be involved. However, competitive gymnastics is a unique sport requiring the backing and support of the entire family for any gymnast to be successful. Therefore, when making the selection for team gymnasts, we also look closely at the team parents. Can they make a commitment to the program? This should not be a difficult or demanding task, only one that shows each family is interested in and committed to providing their child with a positive learning experience through the competitive aspect of gymnastics!



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